2023-24 AVC Club Registration

All athletes registering for tryouts need an OVR tryout membership before registration with AVC.
Please see below for details on tryout dates & times by age group!

our mission

We believe that it is imperative for young players to receive proper volleyball training while learning important life lessons in responsibility, preparedness, and teamwork. At AVC, we prepare players with the physical and mental skills they need to be better athletes, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals, both on and off the court. We provide a training environment for all skill levels to develop volleyball aptitude, build confidence, and most importantly, have fun. This is what we do.

about academy volleyball cleveland

Academy Volleyball Cleveland is a highly organized volleyball institution dedicated to providing its athletes with technical, tactical and physical training to reach their highest potential.

The mission of Academy Volleyball Cleveland is to develop and promote the sport of volleyball. Our primary goal is to teach and train athletes from the entry-level player to the elite athlete so that each athlete has the opportunity to reach excellence.

We expect our coaches to be teachers of the game and maintain strong discipline, while creating a positive environment. We want our players to improve, learn how to compete at their best level, and develop a life-long love of volleyball.

Together, the athletes, their families, our coaches and administrators can form a community that nurtures growth and development of all involved.

meet the team

AVC has a distinguished set of coaches on staff. Many coaches are current or former College and High School varsity level coaches with state tournament experience. Coaches possess accreditations such as IMPACT, CAP I and CAP II certifications. Click Here to get details on coaching credentials and biographical information.